Ask us about things like buying or selling a business, doing due diligence, sorting out ownership structures, and getting the best contract documents and leases.

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​When you buy or sell your house you are probably dealing with your most valuable asset.

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Dispute Resolution

Disputes come in lots of different forms so you need different tools to sort them out. Sometimes you can’t avoid going to court. Sometimes you can get a better result with mediation or arbitration.

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Wills and Estates

Your will contains instructions about what you want done with your property when you die and how you want your dependants to be looked after. It may be the most important piece of paper you’ll ever sign.

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Webb Ross McNab Kilpatrick offers a wide range of legal services. It is large enough to offer specialists in many areas and small enough to provide personal service.

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They respond in a timely way; listen well and interpret instructions. Give constructive advice. I Have been a client since about 1977 and have never had a negative experience. Have appreciated all the attention and advice that has been given.

Marilyn Edwards

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