Jaime-Anne Tulloch
Lawyer - LLB, LLM (Hons)

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Email Phone: 470 2439

Jaime-Anne was a Judges’ Clerk for the Northland region. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from Waikato University and a Master of Laws degree from Auckland University.

She joined WRMK Lawyers in November 2018 and is in the litigation team.

Outside of work, Jaime-Anne loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time further north at the wonderful beaches Northland has to offer.

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DDI 470 2439
Email jaime-anne.tulloch@wrmk.co.nz

Jaime-Anne Tulloch's Specialist Services

Dispute Resolution

Disputes come in lots of different forms so you need different tools to sort them out. Sometimes you can’t avoid going to court. Sometimes you can get a better result with mediation or arbitration.

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Thank you so much for the outstanding support you have provided us over the past few weeks. Your guidance and honesty has given us the confidence to negotiate with assertion!
I have spread the word to everybody and anybody who listens, that you are the lawyer for their jobs! I hope my small token-ability sources you well deserved clients.

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